Red Coaching

What is coaching?

Success in any field requires the ability to perform effectively, consistently and efficiently in a wide range of conditions. It’s a combination of knowing where you want to go and being able to get there. Coaching is an activity that works across this spectrum, bringing clarification and focus to what we want, helping us to establish what it takes to get there. Whatever the context, coaching is about unlocking a person’s potential so that they maximise their own performance.

What’s in it for you?

RED coaching provides personal and professional development to meet individual needs without demanding large amounts of time away from the office. It also provides the opportunity to discuss business issues in an impartial and risk-free environment. In addition to helping you to achieve specific goals and levels of performance, clients have experienced other benefits from coaching, including:

• Improved relationships
• Increased creativity
• Reduced stress
• Enhanced perception • Better use of resources
• Greater adaptability to change
• Enhanced confidence
• Entrepreneurial spirit

Which asks the question – why us?

All RED coaches are experienced practitioners.  For individuals or teams wanting to enhance any aspect of their performance, RED coaching programmes enable dramatic, sustainable improvements to take place rapidly and effectively. Uniquely, they are designed to liberate the mind to achieve extraordinary results.

To what extent…

• are you clear about your goals?
• do you achieve what you set out to do?
• are you able to balance work demands and home life?
• do your overall capabilities meet the needs of your job?
• are you happy with the way you handle relationships?
• do you spend your time fire fighting?
• is your business achieving its targets?
• do your colleagues find you easy to work with?
• do you find it easy to work with your colleagues?
• could you use more of your potential?
• can you handle pressure and stress?
• do you meet new business and personal challenges effectively?

If you believe your answers to any of the above are less than convincing, RED Coaching can make all the difference.

RED Coaching Philosophy

• Our coaching programmes are client-centric – we work from your agenda and needs
• We deliver productive coaching by establishing effective client/coach relationships
• We use the RED ten principles of our core programme to deliver sustainable change for the client
• Responsibility always remains with the client for:-
• achieving your goals
• what you choose to share with others about your coaching sessions.